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M C Design Group has the knowledge and the professional resources to help turn your dreams into reality. You imagine. We guide. We accomplish. In addition, our experience has proven that we are the best at cutting through the b.s. (bureaucratic system) that intimidates many homeowners.
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  • Design for remodels, addition and new construction.
  • Kitchen and Bath design.
  • Computer drafting.
  • Hand Drafting, Artistic Rendering.
  • "As-built" documentation for planning new projects.
  • Permitting services; code search, site plans, applications, plan check.
  • Public presentation to local municipalities to obtain design approval.
  • Landscape and hardscape design to improve curb appeal and personal enjoyment.
  • Drafting services to the trades; Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Interior Designers.
  • Consulting, Project management.
  • Large or small projects.
  • Reasonable rates.




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Bay Area native, Steven McFarland is a talented professional, experienced in providing design, drafting and permitting services for homeowners and contractors in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Steven S. McFarland

Principal - M C Design Group

Phone: 510-243-5235 East Bay

Phone: 408-837-7738 South Bay

Email: steve@MCDesignGroup.net


"We first engaged Steve for a renovation project and found him to be responsive (both in terms of hearing what we wanted to achieve and when questions were posed from us or our GC), knowledgable, reasonably-priced and a pleasure with whom to work. Also, importantly, he voiced his opinion when he felt we were making a mistake (without being blustery about it), which I appreciate greatly. We’d definitely work with Steve again."
-Stephen Brady (Pacifica, CA)

"We could not possibly express all our gratitude [to Steve] for the effort and hard work he has put into our future home. We thank him for shepherding us through this long process. We were so happy to have him by our sides. We look forward to the commencement of construction and to our eventual moving in!."
-Daniel & Jessica (Oakland, CA)

"Steve is very reliable and responded quickly and efficiently to our various requests during the architectural design and development of the plans for our new home."
-Renee Christensen (Alamo, CA)

"Working with Steve McFarland was such a pleasant experience. My creative input was always carefully considered, then woven into a dimensional reality that always surpassed my expectations."
-Gary Stanley (Truckee, CA)

"I called Steve for floor plans for a 3 story home I was listing in S.F. As promised, Steve took care of all the details, had the plans done within 24 hours, and was very fairly priced. I highly recommend his services."
-Pete Brannigan (Realtor)

"I am happy to recommend Steven for his quick response time, high quality level, and fair pricing."
-David Busby (Realtor)

"Steve is a delight to work with – he looks to his clients interests first and foremost and takes a strategic view of the problem and solution."
-Bob Berry

"I hired Steve to do some pick up drafting for an architectural project for me. He did a great job in a timely fashion."
-Matthew Harrigan (President Timeline Design)

"Steve’s a great guy! He’s very friendly, professional, easy to work with, and detail oriented. I highly recommend him."
-Chris Campbell (Independent Representative, Construction Specialties, Inc.)

"Steve was a crucial asset to have while we applied for permits for a commercial space in San Francisco for my clients. He understood my design concept, collaborated with the contractor and created the necessary documents to quickly obtain our permit, on time and on budget. I would highly recommend him as a great value to any project’s team."
-Kimberly Rider, Interior Designer

"I found Steve to have a great grasp of not only the architectural concept of the projects we worked on but also, very importantly, the details involved necessary to completing the construction. I would recommend him highly and without reservation."
-Jack Goldner (Owner, Finesse Builders)

"I have worked with Steve for over 10 years. I would recommend Steve to manage a project and/or be part of a design team. Steve will say what is on his mind and be to the point which makes any design process efficient. Steve is also a great laugh. He provided much of the humor at JAS with his down to earth personality. It’s no wonder that he develops a great rapport with clients. Clients are comfortable discussing their life decisions with Steve. Being a home owner and having gone through a remodel himself, he relates to clients’ concerns and proposes realistic solutions. When I took vacations, I could relax because I chose Steve to manage my projects. I am confident that he can deliver professional design services with the same diligence and enthusiasm."
-Anne Sum Architect

"Steven is a very honest and hard-working guy! When he puts his mind to it, he is the BEST at what he does. Besides his great personality and whatever it takes attitude, he really cares about people and his clients. When you go with Steven you’ll understand what I mean. Not only is he a professional he is a terrific person. Hire Steven today!!!"
-Jeanette Lipari (Realtor, Alain Pinel Realtors)

"I have worked with Steve for years while he was employed at another architectural firm and during that time he has shown me great pride and responsibility in his work as well as excellent listen skills that translated into execellent designs."
-Erik S. Fjellbo (Owner, Fjellbo & Son Construction Inc.)

"Steve was one of the hardest working most trustworthy professional people I have ever worked with! He would be a great asset to any company!"
-Lloyd Sgamba (sales, Ymco)

"Steve did a terrific job preparing floor plans for my listing. He was quick, reasonable and great to work with. It sure makes you look good as the listing agent, people love floor plans on flyers, it helps them remember the layout of the home especially after they’ve seen several houses. Interested in floor plans call Steve today!"
-Jeanette Lipari (Realtor, Alain Pinel Realtors)

"Steve provides me with clear, detailed drawings allowing me to add the lighting layer for projects we work on together. His ability to grasp design concepts and his quick responses are greatly appreciated. I recommend hiring and working with Steve!"
-Nancy McCoy (Owner, McCoy Lighting Design)


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